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Technology Asset Recovery and Reverse LogisticsBeltmann Integrated Logistics has the skills and expertise necessary to take care of all your asset and resource recovery needs.

At Beltmann Integrated Logistics we can help you make the most of your assets. Whether your business is ready to close or you have an equipment contract that is ready to end, we are the team that can take care of every aspect of asset recovery.

From returning equipment to liquidating inventory you no longer require, we can create and execute an asset recovery strategy that is right for you and tailored to your needs. Through divestment and reuse, we can ensure you receive the maximum value for the assets you have.

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Asset Recovery Specialists

From identification to redeployment and divestment, we will be by your side every step of the way throughout the asset recovery process. We are asset recovery experts, using cutting edge processes and software to enable our services, including online track and trace and satellite tracking.

The asset recovery process will develop as follows:

  • Identification: Identify your assets and determine whether they are likely to be productive or unproductive for you.
  • Divestment vs. Redeployed: Once your assets have been identified, decide whether it would be most profitable for each item to be divested or redeployed.
  • Redeploy: Redeployment involves making use of the assets you have in a different part of your business. Is another division of your business in need of an asset that you already have? Can your existing facilities be used as storage space, instead of outsourcing storage? Location of equipment, need and cost are all taken into account.
  • Divestment and Disposition: Determine the best way to sell, donate or scrap unwanted assets to boost your profits as much as possible.

Asset Liquidation

Our team can help you determine whether asset liquidation is right for you and how best and most profitably to go about this process:

  • Through resale, we can enable asset liquidation and increase your capital.
  • We can help you liquidate assets of all kinds, including inventory, technology, hardware, and equipment.
  • Asset liquidation can enable you to make the most of assets you no longer need.

Asset Recovery and Liquidation with Beltmann

There are countless reasons to choose Beltmann Integrated Logistics for your asset recovery and liquidation needs:

  • We are trained, trusted professionals.
  • We make use of real time inventory management monitoring.
  • We can meet large geographical requirements.
  • We can work with all kinds of assets including medical equipment, IT assets and technology.
  • Expect great customer service, timely updates and transparency from our team.
  • Reverse logistics solutions also available

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We are the professionals you can trust to take care of all your asset recovery needs. Contact Beltmann Integrated Logistics today to find out more about our asset recovery and liquidation services, for answers to any questions and to discuss your individual needs.

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