U.S. - Canada Cross Border Logistics and Shipping

Canada is an expansive yet sparsely populated country, spanning out into the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic Ocean. Home to beautiful scenery, a cold climate in the northern regions, and with two official languages, French and English, Canada is unique. While the big city of Toronto is buzzing with life, large parts of the country look untouched and are home to a variety of animals including pine marten, bison, and moose.

In addition to providing exceptional transportation, shipping, distribution and warehousing services across the United States, Beltmann Integrated Logistics also provides cross-border services to Canada.

From logistics services to shipping of goods of all kinds, Beltmann Integrated Logistics has the ideal cross-border solutions for your team. We have vast experience with transporting and shipping goods to a variety of locations across Canada.

We are well equipped to serve you. We have the resources necessary to ensure your goods make it safely to Canada. Our reliable, clean trucks, and trustworthy, punctual drivers are an asset to our business and key to our shipping success.

We have experience with and in-depth understanding of customs. We have vast experience and knowledge regarding how shipping goods across the border works and the necessary processes. With Beltmann Integrated Logistics you can rest assured your goods are in safe hands and will make it to their new Canadian home safely and as scheduled.

Our domestic and international network of carriers ensures we're prepared for shipments crossing vast distances. Some of the transportation and freight management services we provide include, but are not limited to, those noted below.

Less than Truckload Shipments, High Value: Working as part of CRST Specialized Transportation, Inc., we can reliably move your high value goods through less than truckload shipments. We have a wide range of vehicles at our service, including around 1000 air-ride, lift-gate equipped tractor trailers and straight trucks. We can deploy our resources from 42 distribution centers across North America.

Truckload Shipments, High Value: We are partners with CRST Specialized Transportation, Inc. and our fleet is perfect for packaged and unpackaged goods, delicate items and high value freight. Vehicles include flatbeds, crane vans, air-ride lift-gate vans, climactic vans and general service vans.

Dedicated Freight Management: You can trust Beltmann Integrated Logistics with all your international transportation brokerage and freight forwarding needs.

FF&E Freight Management: We can assist with transporting all your furniture, fixtures and equipment. With your bottom line in mind, we provide a superior service that includes installing these items, so you're ready to start making use of your new location as soon as you arrive. We also offer freight management services you can trust and rely on.

Other services:

  • Proactive management services
  • Direct vendor and consignee communication and coordination
  • Project management
  • Shipment tracking

Whether your shipment is coming from Florida, California, Illinois, Indiana, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, or any state across the United States, we can ensure your goods reach their new home in Canada. With exceptional logistical, planning and scheduling services, we'll ensure your shipment is efficient and arrives on time at your desired destination.

Why Choose Beltmann Integrated Logistics?

Beltmann Integrated Logistics has vast experience providing exceptional shipping and logistics services, across the United States and Canada. We are the punctual, reliable transportation, distribution, logistics and project management team you can trust.

Founded in 1998, we have served a wide range of clients in a variety of industries. We will do all we can to meet your needs and provide a superior solution every time. With over 800 employees across the United States, we can make shipping to Canada an easy and efficient process.

We tailor each of our solutions to meet your unique business needs, and always take the time to understand your company and the short and long term goals and objectives you're working towards. We act as an extension of your staff and are here to serve you.

Not only do we provide efficient, effective solutions, we are also easy to communicate with and provide great customer service. We value each and every customer we serve and will do all we can to meet your needs. Our ‘Be The Customer' campaign encourages our team members to think from your perspective, ask the right questions to gain an insight into your industry and thoroughly understand your needs.

We are keen to promote visibility and use cutting edge technology to enable efficient solutions and great reporting. Our Order Management System, TotalTrak, enables our customers to track their project 24 hours, 7 days a week from a desktop computer, as it progresses. Using real-time information, TotalTrak can also allow you to view when you product is retrieved by a vendor, when it arrives at a consolidation point or at its final destination. It also enables you to see the estimated time of arrival. TotalTrak is unique in the industry, and enables greater transparency and efficiency.

As well as providing exceptional logistics and shipping services to and from Canada, we also specialize in hospital relocation services and facility moving, asset recovery, restaurant logistics, model home installation, retail logistics including store fixture transportation and rollouts. We also regularly provide hospitality logistics services for health care facilities, restaurants, hotels, resorts, casinos, spas and student housing institutions.

We are a stable company with diversity of experience and customer base, to ensure flexibility and the ability to provide comprehensive solutions for a wide range of customers in many industries.

When you work with Beltmann Integrated Logistics, you can expect a custom solution to meet your individual Canada shipping and logistics needs.

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Total Trak

TotalTrak is our web-based proprietary Order Management System (OMS) that allows you to securely track your projects right from your desktop computer.

TotalTrak Features

  • Reports based on your criteria
  • Check orders status
  • Access proof of placement
  • Add/View information on an order

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SmartWay℠ is an innovative partnership of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that reduces greenhouse gases and other air pollutants and improves fuel efficiency.
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) SmartWaySM brand represents cleaner and more efficient transportation options that reduce greenhouse gases and improve air quality.

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