Client Challenge

Our customer asked us to develop a transportation schedule of 25 weekly truckloads of product transported from nationwide supplier locations to the customer's manufacturing and distribution facilities in Milwaukee, as well as three daily trucks that service local Wisconsin suppliers. The schedule and routing requirements were based on the needs of the manufacturing plants and production capabilities of the suppliers.

Beltmann Approach

We created a system of "milk runs," in which product is consolidated from multiple vendors at our distribution centers and delivered in bulk on a weekly basis to the client's manufacturing plants. Supplier pickups are performed by regional distribution center personnel and consolidated for single truckload delivery, or picked up directly by the truck inbound to Milwaukee.
The entire program is managed and coordinated from Beltmann's Wisconsin office. The results we delivered to the customer include: reduced transportation cost, just-in- time delivery to the manufacturing plants, and management of supplier relationships. Our customer is now able to get its product to market quicker than ever before.

Value & Impact

Smoother flow of inbound raw material to plants
Substantial savings in supply chain and inventory carrying costs
Significantly reduced cycle times, with most products moved from vendor to manufacturer in 3 to 4 days