Client Challenge

A major medical supplier had purchased a new medical system, replacing a unit currently in place in its facility. To prepare for the new system, the existing unit had to be properly and safely de-installed and removed from the premises prior to delivery of the new unit.

Beltmann Approach

Our drivers met the de-installation technicians on site and worked with them to dissemble and remove the old unit. This approach minimizes disruption to patients and staff within the hospital or clinic. After removing the old unit from the facility, the driver transported it to the designated recycling facility, where it was either scrapped or designated for refurbishment.
Our reverse logistics system allows our drivers to work in concert with field technicians to have old equipment removed from the hospital or clinic as its being reinstalled.

Value & Impact

Fewer interruptions for hospital or clinic staff
Increased productivity for field technicians
Trained professional personnel ensures safe and expeditious removal