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World Series

2016 World Series Promotional Item Shipment

The Chicago Cubs played the Cleveland Indians in Major League Baseball’s 2016 World Series. Beltmann Integrated Logistics was chosen to set up trucks to deliver promotional products showcasing the winning team to the market of the Series winner.

Our Role

Our Role

This job had some unique requirements. Timing, communication, and efficiency were crucial. Truckload shipping services were planned out in advance, and travel plans, along with the scheduling of two different loads to both markets, were analyzed and a detailed project plan was created.



The main challenge was that we had to simultaneously have everything set up in both Ohio and Illinois because the World Series had gone to seven games. We had to cancel one shipment once the game was completed and make sure the other one was ready to go as soon as we made the call. The winning team wanted to make sure their fans could purchase products as soon as possible after their team won the World Series, as both fan bases had not won a championship in many decades and the winning team’s market was sure to garner an incredible amount of excitement!



The Chicago Cubs ended up winning the World Series in a thrilling, extra inning affair.  We cancelled all of the Ohio trucks immediately after the final out and set up 23 straight trucks to be on site between 3-5 AM in the Chicago market that morning.  We had only a few hours to get this set up and because we had planned properly beforehand, we were able to successfully complete this unique logistical operation.

Real Results

Real Results

The project went off without a flaw.  All locations received their World Series winning tee shirts within the timeframe expected and everyone was extremely thrilled.

"The execution of the project went off without a flaw in BOTH cities. The job performed by the Beltmann team was phenomenal!!! We couldn’t have had a better carrier business partner involved on this project.  As always, I truly appreciate the partnership that continues to grow between us and Beltmann!!!"

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