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Healthcare Logistics and Facility Moving

Beltmann provides healthcare logistics services to include medical equipment transportation, hospital relocation, warehousing, final placement and medical equipment installation.

Every possible service of healthcare logistics is available from Beltmann Integrated Logistics. Each client can choose the options that best suit their healthcare relocation needs. The experts at Beltmann will work with you to create a relocation plan, determine what will be moved, what remains and any new medical equipment that will be brought in and installed. Everything will be managed by our professional team of project managers that have over 25 years of healthcare industry experience with over 450 projects worldwide.

Case Study – Hospital Replacement 800,000 sq. ft.
Owensboro Case Study

Project Experience

Beltmann primarily focuses on healthcare facility relocation services for hospitals, clinics, assisted living centers, ambulatory centers, urgent care centers, and rehabilitation and outpatient centers. When these organizations expand, renovate or transition they rely on professionals that have the expertise to handle complex projects and highly sensitive medical equipment.

Our infrastructure of healthcare facilities and our logistics professionals ensure each and every health care project meets all client deliverables - on time, on budget and to client specifications.

Beltmann's healthcare logistics services include the following:

Healthcare Relocation Services

Beltmann Integrated Logistics is a full-service transportation management company that specializes in healthcare relocation. Our experience includes work for hospitals, clinics, ambulatory centers, urgent care centers, outpatient centers, assisted living centers, and others. The range of services we offer includes everything from inventory management to medical equipment installations as well as secure, timely, and healthcare specific relocation and transportation services.

Beltmann's 60 years of experience in health care relocation provides superior, cost effective services for all types of health care facility improvement and capital projects. After the new facility is complete, Beltmann tightly manages the move of the existing equipment and staff into the new space. Our medical relocation services include:

    Medical Equipment and Laboratory Moving Services
  • Medical Equipment Moves: from incubators to ultra-low freezers, Beltmann staff can handle the intricacies of moving highly sensitive and high value equipment safely every time.
  • Laboratory Moves: we know the proper way to decommission, relocate and re-commission all types of labs without compromising your studies.
  • Medical Records: packed, moved, unpacked in HIPAA compliance

Project Management - Beltmann assigns an experienced, in-house project manager to successfully coordinate all project phases through program completion. Our on-site project management team is experienced in reading equipment placement drawings and the placement of medical equipment lists. The project management teams are Beltmann Logistics personnel with over 25 years of healthcare industry experience in facility relocation. Additionally our experts have direct involvement with project management services for federal agencies.

Transportation Management - Healthcare relocation requires efficiency, precision, and knowledge of transporting medical equipment including specialized healthcare deliveries for contractors, vendors and owner installed equipment.

To ensure that we are prepared each time a client needs to move delicate and valuable medical equipment, we have created a communication and coordination system specific to the needs of healthcare facilities. In addition, if a client needs items to be added to inventory on site, we offer services that ensure a quick and easy integration. Each client can choose the options that best suit their healthcare relocation needs. We also offer warehousing services in the event that you need extra space while you transition to a new location.

Inventory Management Services - Beltmann leverages an ideal blend of asset and non-asset based facilities and specialized transportation equipment to securely manage the inbound receiving, inventory, and material inspection process. Beltmann also has the ability to provide inventory management via a variety of measures to include Purchase Order (PO) on-line access.

Sequenced Site Deliveries - Beltmann's fulfillment professionals facilitate the timely delivery of all program equipment - either direct to site or via the local warehouse in the most cost effective manner available.

Technology & Centralized Reporting - Beltmann provides project milestone visibility to each and every PO we manage through our proprietary technology. Our healthcare logistics services include relocation management, and centralized reporting using TotalTrak, our cutting edge, proprietary technology that makes the entire process visible and trackable for our clients. TotalTrak provides a variety of reports and key metric summaries for each project via password-protected web-access. These reports may also be generated and transmitted to our clients via a variety of electronic means and shared with executives.

Medical Equipment Installation Services - Beltmann provides qualified, in-house staff who assemble and install many types of health care equipment. Examples include:

  • Shelving (both static and mobile)
  • Assembly of procedure carts and cabinets
  • Otoscopes, ophthalmoscopes, BP units
  • Whiteboards, bulletin boards
  • Glove box dispensers, sharps containers
  • Artwork and signage
  • Case goods
  • Assembly and install minor moveable equipment
  • Wall mounted patient care equipment

Once the equipment has arrived, our healthcare relocation team can install medical equipment, unpack medical records in compliance with HIPAA guidelines, direct and lead the process of re-commissioning of labs, and the installation of healthcare equipment.

Medical Equipment Installation Services

Medical Staff New Hires - Beltmann's worldwide relocation network allows you to relocate staff new hires' and their laboratory facilities, office items and household goods from anywhere in the country or the world with efficiency and precision.

Rely on an Experienced Healthcare Relocation Company
Logistics services are already complex. Healthcare logistics adds a number of layers of complexity that only an expert will understand. By choosing Beltmann, you will be working with professionals in relocation and healthcare logistics.

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Total Trak

TotalTrak is our web-based proprietary Order Management System (OMS) that allows you to securely track your projects right from your desktop computer.

TotalTrak Features

  • Reports based on your criteria
  • Check orders status
  • Access proof of placement
  • Add/View information on an order

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