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Beltmann Integrated Logistics is a nationwide transportation, distribution, logistics and project management company that specializes in managing the complexities of time-sensitive projects. We deliver efficient and cost-effective logistics services to meet your short and long-term objectives.

Beltmann Integrated Logistics provides expert logistics services in areas including:

  • Model home installations
  • Furniture, fixtures & equipment, (FF&E) logistics and installation
  • Store fixture transportation and installation
  • Specialized transportation
  • Carrier transportation management
  • Secure recovery of high-technology, high value assets

Models, Clubhouses, Sales & Welcome Centers

Beltmann handles the logistics of receiving from multiple vendors and holding the goods in our safe and secure local warehouse until the project is ready for install. When construction is completed we will deliver all goods, unbox and assemble, plus hang the artwork, mirrors and drapes to be sure the model homes are ready for "the walk".

  • New installations
  • De-installations
  • Re-use & Move-overs

Beltmann's Project Managers keep you informed throughout the duration of the project and we assure the deadlines are met on-time and on-budget. The Beltmann team of experts will work with your designers to create and implement customer specific standard operating procedures (SOPs), because each client's requirements are unique.

Model Home Logistics

Receiving & Inventory Control

As the goods start arriving into our warehouse, we post our receiving reports on-line for secure visibility to your design team. We placard the goods as we receive them with the project name, model name and room designation, so when we deliver the goods we can set-up the room per the finished floorplans without direction from your staff.

Delivery & Installation

We sequence load the goods into our trucks so we can unload the goods in an order that makes sense inside the models. We place the rugs first, then the major pieces of furniture and unbox the accessories last. Our highly qualified crews deliver the goods to the models, unbox, and assemble under the direct supervision of our Field Project Manager and Lead Installer. The installation includes hanging artwork, mirrors and drapes, making the beds, steaming the bed skirts and drapes to remove wrinkles and assisting the designers with the placement of the decorative accessories.


We supply all of the packing materials, (specialized boxes, wrapping paper, bubble wrap), required to safely pack the accessories during a de-installation. Our crews mark the boxes with the contents for ease of reference and re-use. We will create an inventory of the furniture to include; which model the piece came from, what the room designation was, and the description of the piece. In addition, we take a digital photo and upload it to our inventory management system so you can reference back to the photo and description when you want to re-use the pieces on the next install.

model home decor
model home full decor

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

We deliver custom solutions with a competitive edge by being the most customer-focused logistics provider in our industry. We strive to understand your organization's goals, as well as those of the clients you serve. Our network consistes of hundreds of warehouses, carriers and local service providers who are carefully selected to ensure that we always deploy optimal resources.

We are not merely a vendor for your company - we are an extension of your staff - a true partner with a clear understanding of our responsibility to replicate the goals, cost controls and strategic focus of your organization.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is based on:

  • Diversity: Our diverse business and customer base helps ensure stability and flexibility.
  • Executive Commitment: Begining with our senior leadership team, Beltmann is committed to making your project a success.
  • Experience: We have extensive professional experience handling a number of programs annually and a proven track recored of success.
  • Stability: We have demonstrated 54 years of growth under stable ownership.
  • Value: We will provide competitive pricing, and will work with your organization to develop ways to reduce program costs over time.

Contact us today for more information on your model home installation project.

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