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Pinball Machine Movers & Arcade Logistics

Who doesn’t love an arcade game or pinball machine? These games have been a big part of our pop-culture for decades. Whether it’s at the local pizza place, or at the arcade at the mall, family and friends have bonded over their love of classic arcade games and pinball machines over the years. It’s not surprising that they are considered valuable to so many people! Beltmann Integrated Logistics understands this and is proud to offer coin-op and gaming logistics services to many clients.

We have worked with high-value and fragile products in the arcade world since 1965. Beltmann is an industry leader in arcade and collectible shipping and we have handled more than 15,000 shipments per year.


Shipping Pinball Machines & Arcade Games

Arcade games, pinball machines, and rare collectibles must be packed, stored and shipped with extreme care due to the electronics involved. Many customers consider old arcade games one of their more valuable and prized possessions. An arcade game for sale will have much higher value if it is HOU (Home Use Only), NIB (New in Box), in mint condition and fully working. When attempting to move an arcade game or pinball machine between locations, it’s critical to ensure it safely reaches its destination.

The Beltmann Process for Shipping Arcade Games and Pinball Machines

Beltmann Integrated Logistics starts with safe and secure packing of the gaming products. These high-value and rare arcade games are handled with the utmost care. Our fleet of trucks are outfitted with lift gates for steady loading and unloading. Once the games are in our trucks, the air-ride equipped vehicles provide a higher shock absorbency during transportation. Our satellite tracking system ensures we’ll know exactly where the game is at all times.  

We have successfully handled logistics for the following products in our arcade shipments:

  • Vintage jukebox
  • Pinball machines
  • Arcade fortune teller
  • Classic arcade games
  • Arcade shooting games
  • Vintage arcade games

Our services range from working with large arcade manufacturers to personal collectors. We meet every client need when it comes to transporting fragile, valuable equipment like an arcade game or pinball machine. Both distributors and first time purchasers have relied on Beltmann for efficient, safe, and secure transportation of their pinball machines and arcade games.

If you are interested in learning more about our arcade game shipping services, please fill out a contact form or call us at 877-518-2863 to speak with one of our expert logistic consultants. We’d be happy to provide an accurate estimate to transport one or thousands of arcade games, pinball machines, and other valuable collectibles.

Case Studies


Beltmann Integrated Logistics was tasked with shipping 100 limited edition pinball machines from the Chicago-based manufacturer to locations throughout the U.S., all within a two week timeframe.

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