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Hospital Relocations & Medical Equipment Logistics

Beltmann Integrated Logistics is a full-service transportation management and logistics company with a specialty in healthcare relocation as well as receiving, delivery and installation of new medical equipment. Our experience in healthcare facility logistics includes hospitals, clinics, ambulatory centers, assisted living facilities, urgent care centers, outpatient centers, extended care facilities, and more. Medical equipment transportation, medical equipment shipping and installations, hospital relocation, medical laboratory relocation, warehousing, and inventory management services are all part of our secure, timely, and healthcare-specific relocation and transportation services. 

Healthcare Facility and Medical Office Relocation

With our healthcare facility and medical office relocation services, any move can be both successful and efficient. Our team is trained to move healthcare facilities or medical offices to any location – no matter the distance. Along with providing full-service transportation and logistics, we’ll also help you create a detailed transition plan and a thorough healthcare facility checklist to prevent any unforeseen disruptions and ensure a smooth transition.

Read our hospital relocation plan to help prepare for your upcoming healthcare facility or medical office relocation.

Medical Equipment Shipping & Moving

Our healthcare logistics services include medical equipment moves, from incubators to ultra-low freezers. Beltmann’s experienced team can handle the intricacies of moving sensitive and high value equipment safely, every time! With facilities like assisted living and extended care, we go above and beyond to make sure all medical equipment is properly stored, shipped, and set up according to plan.

In addition, we will properly decommission, relocate, and recommission all types of laboratories without compromising important studies. Medical records are packed, moved, unpacked in HIPAA compliance.


Medical Moving Services

Our clients can choose among many different options for a customized plan specific to their healthcare relocation requirements. Our experts work with each client to create detailed relocation plan that will determine what healthcare equipment, furniture, and IT will be moved, what remains, and any new medical equipment that will be delivered and installed. Everything is managed by our professional team of project managers with decades of experience in healthcare industry relocation and logistic projects nationally and worldwide.

Beltmann Integrated Logistics will handle transportation and logistics for all kinds of healthcare facilities. If you are renovating or expanding your existing hospital or healthcare facility or moving to a new location, our experienced professionals will become an extension of your team and design a detailed, custom program to handle all of your healthcare logistics on time and on budget.

Why should you choose Beltmann Integrated Logistics for your healthcare logistics project?

We provide the highest quality and adhere to high standards, offering the best price to complete all of your custom requirements

From initial planning to delivery, set up and final installation, we handle it all so you can concentrate on what you do best

Our medical logistics solutions and relocation management experience allows for a seamless, efficient, and professional process

Our infrastructure of healthcare facilities and our logistics professionals ensure each and every health care project meets all client deliverables - on time, on budget and to client specifications

Our proprietary TotalTrak Reporting Program gives you and your team access, 24/7/365, to the inventory and tracking data so you can always follow your project

Contact us here or call Beltmann Integrated Logistics at 1-877-518-2863 to learn more about our healthcare facility relocation and logistics solutions!

Project Management

Beltmann assigns an experienced, in-house project manager to successfully coordinate all phases of any healthcare facility logistics project. Beginning with the initial planning through project completion, our on-site project management team is experienced, with decades of healthcare industry experience.  

Transportation Management

Successful healthcare relocation requires efficiency, precision, and a good understanding of transporting all kinds of medical equipment. Specialized healthcare deliveries for contractors, vendors and owner installed equipment are provided. We have created a communication and coordination system specific to the needs of healthcare facilities for any delicate and valuable medical equipment move.

Inventory Management

Beltmann utilizes an efficient blend of asset and non-asset based facilities and specialized transportation equipment to securely manage the inbound receiving, inventory, and material inspection process. Beltmann Integrated Logistics can also provide inventory management through a variety of measures to include Purchase Order (PO) on-line access.

Sequenced Site Delivery

In order to ensure that the project is completed with the highest degree of efficiency, Beltmann's experienced professionals will facilitate the timely delivery of all program equipment, either direct to site or via the local warehouse, in the most cost effective manner possible.

Technology & Centralized Reporting

Our healthcare logistics services include relocation management and centralized reporting using TotalTrak, our proprietary, cutting edge technology that makes the entire process visible and trackable for our clients through a secure, password-protected website portal.

Medical Equipment Installation Services

Beltmann’s professional team includes qualified, experienced in-house staff to assemble and install many types of healthcare equipment. In addition to installing medical equipment, we will unpack medical records in compliance with HIPAA guidelines, and direct and lead the process of re-commissioning of labs.

Medical Staff New Hires

Beltmann's worldwide relocation network allows for the efficient relocation of new medical staff hires and their laboratory facilities, office items, and household goods from anywhere in the U.S. as well as worldwide.

Case Studies

case studies

Beltmann Integrated Logistics provided a full logistical turn-key service for UTSW’s 1.3 Million Sq. Ft. replacement hospital in Dallas, Texas.

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