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Hospitality FF&E

The moment a guest first enters your hotel, you want them to feel a sense of comfort and warmth, as though they truly are in a “home away from home.” The guest should feel relaxed, happy, satisfied, and comfortable with their room, as well as every other aspect of your hotel, casino or resort. Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E) Logistics makes this guest experience possible. There are numerous intricacies in the planning process for a renovation or construction of a hotel, restaurant, retail space or spa.. Once the structure or shell has been built, our team’s responsibility is to bring it to life.

Core Components of
Hospitality FF&E Logistics

Project management
Project Management

An experienced, in-house project manager is chosen to successfully coordinate all project phases through program completion. Our experienced, on-site project management team attends to every detail during room to room installation and as well as punch list development.

Transportation Management

Our proactive FF&E/ freight management program, along with our ability to receive and install your FF&E products anywhere, will give you the transportation information and control you need to meet your hospitality FF&E project goals.

Inventory management
Inventory Management

Beltmann leverages an ideal blend of asset and non-asset based facilities and specialized transportation equipment to securely manage the inbound receiving, inventory, and material inspection process. We also have the ability to provide inventory management in a variety of ways, including Purchase Order (PO) online access.

Sequenced Site Delivery

Beltmann's fulfillment professionals facilitate the timely delivery of all hospitality equipment, whether direct to the hotel or resort, or to the local warehouse, in the most cost effective manner available.

Technology & reporting
Technology & Centralized Reporting

Through the use of our proprietary browser-based TotalTrak™ reporting program, you and your project team will have 24/7 access to the inventory and tracking data needed to make accurate scheduling and construction-related decisions.

Hospitality Installation Services

Beltmann’s hotel furniture installation team is full of experienced, professional, and respectful employees. We will make the process as efficient as possible while minimizing any disruption to you and your guests.


Beltmann Integrated Logistics is a full-service provider of each component, with all of our FF&E logistics solutions connected and integrated for client success.

Hotel Logistics Management

The successful handling of any FF&E within a hotel or other hospitality construction project is a crucial part of making sure your guests write a positive review, refer your hotel to friends and colleagues, and come back again and again to associate the location to their experience within your property.The design and application of FF&E within the Hospitality industry affects occupancy rates by attracting new guests as well as the retention of those that enjoyed their experience and want to come back. The staff are on the frontline but the experience is a kaleidoscope of detail, all brought together to create a positive energy and ambience once the guest enters the property. The FF&E quality and condition is a part of the equation that drives some of this perspective. The process of handling and installing sofas, bedding, closets, chairs, desks and other semi-permanent features such as lighting or appliances requires an experienced Hospitality Logistics team. This team is not only critical to an initial outfitting of new construction, but also to an on-going partnership dedicated to creating value together.

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FF&E Delivery, Installation and Support

Beltmann Integrated Logistics provides on-time services and proven standard of operating procedures to acheive schedule milestones and quality metrics. Our transportation and logistics processes are aligned with complete, accurate delivery of FF&E items. We provide transparency into each project through clear chain of custody, digital documentation, order and tracking information, starting the moment a project begins all the way to site delivery.

The same guidelines are used for our FF&E installation services once the product reaches the site. The BIL team provides accountability and a record of work that is detailed to how it was completed within our proprietary technology, Total Trak.

While transparent, Beltmann Integrated Logistics holds chain of custody information close with secure access, so sensitive data or personal information is not compromised. This practice is continued throughout your project, including post-install, through ongoing support from our client service representatives.

Hotel Logistics Management

Beltmann Integrated Logistics handles FF&E transportation and logistics not only for hotel and hospitality companies, but restaurants, retail outlets, and healthcare providers that becomes relevant in today’s multi-use projects. The diversity of background and extension of knowledge within other verticals make this a wealth of information that can be applicable to these broader based projects, as well.

If you are renovating your existing hotel or opening a new resort or navigating a multi-use project, our experienced professionals will become an extension of your team and design a program to deliver and install your FF&E products on time and on budget.

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Success Story

The Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center Warehousing and Installation Project

The Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center is a beautiful rustic resort nestled at the edge of the Rocky Mountains in Aurora, Colorado. It features 1,501 rooms and suites plus more than 485,000 square feet of convention space, along with extensive public space areas.

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Why Should You Choose Beltmann Integrated Logistics for Your Hospitality FF&E Project?


  • Our network of service providers, along with our dedicated project managers and installation teams, allow us to provide solutions that are both cost-effective and of the highest quality.
  • We offer an integrated solution, from planning to final installation, so you can concentrate on what you do best
  • Our hospitality FF&E project management experience allows for a seamless and efficient process; we will know and understand your property, as well as your project objectives.
  • As an industry leader in the hospitality space for over 60 + years, we have a deep, proven network of carriers and warehouse providers.
  • Our proprietary TotalTrak™ technology gives you and your team 24/7 access to the inventory and tracking data to allow you to make accurate scheduling and construction-related decisions.

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