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Store Fixture Installation & Rollouts

Beltmann Integrated Logistics is here to handle all of your retail fixture logistics if you are opening a new retail location, renovating an existing store, or deploying new fixtures to existing stores! Our warehouses and distribution centers in various strategic geographical locations allow us to meet the most demanding schedules. The broad footprint of our distribution network allows us to keep our retail logistics as cost-effective as possible.

Retail and Logistics Management

Installing fixtures, opening new stores or updating existing stores, and sourcing domestically or internationally are all part of the retail industry. Beltmann Integrated Logistics will help you design a solution that will ensure that your objectives are met. We offer a full range of retail logistics services, extensive geographic coverage, knowledgeable, experienced staff, and state-of-the-art technology designed to provide you with the necessary tools to track any project.  

The all-encompassing retail fixture logistics services we offer allow us to handle every aspect of the project. We provide store fixture transportation services for the careful, safe moving of valuable products in a timely, efficient manner. Our warehousing services are available for your fixtures and equipment, and we are able to manage your inventory with our proprietary technology, the TotalTrak system.

Beltmann’s extensive retail logistics management experience allows us to design specific solutions to meet all of your requirements. To learn more about working with our team for a retail store fixture installation project, view a few of our past projects:


Retail Store Display and FF&E Services

Our depth of retail expertise includes retail logistics management staff that is experienced with fixture and display rollouts to multiple retail locations at the same time. This means that all stores are updated and ready to go at the same time, without any delays. Using a detailed project plan, we deliver your retail fixtures and displays to all of your retail locations in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. The complete satisfaction of each client is at the forefront of everything we do.

National & International Retail Fixture Installation Company

Beltmann Integrated Logistics offers a full range of retail fixture logistics solutions to meet any need. Do you have an overseas project in mind? We also provide ocean transportation, devanning, inspection, sorting palletizing and loading.  You can count on our successful retail logistics management experience.

Contact us online or call 1-877-518-2863 and let our decades of experience work for you.

Project Management

Experience has taught us that careful and detailed planning, proactive communication throughout the supply chain, and a disciplined application of proven processes will ensure success. The qualified, experienced professionals at Beltmann work with each client to develop a detailed plan that manages the project from beginning to end. We pride ourselves on our excellent communication skills, ensuring that your needs are being met during every part of the process.

Transportation Management

Beltmann manages the transportation of new fixtures from multiple fixture vendors to our distribution centers located throughout the country, or directly to your stores. We provided specialized blanket-wrap transportation in both full truckload and less than truckload modes nationwide.  For international projects we provide retail logistics as well as services for ocean transportation, container devanning and sorting, inspection, pre-assembly and North American transportation and distribution.


By leveraging our network of hundreds participating agent facilities, in conjunction with Beltmann’s distribution centers, all retail fixtures can be transported from several manufacturers across the country and strategically warehoused in our specialized distribution centers nationwide. Our proprietary BLIS asset management system electronically tracks items from the time they enter a warehouse facility. Integrated with TotalTrak, our proprietary web-based system, BLIS generates a variety of reports, providing customized, web-enabled documentation and ensuring the safe and on-time delivery of your assets.

Inspection and Pre-Assembly

All retail fixtures are inspected by the experienced professionals at Beltmann Integrated Logistics and pre-assembled to ensure a successful, efficient process.

Inventory Management Services

Our proprietary technology, TotalTrak, gives you complete access to order tracking and inventory management. You are notified when your products are in transit and when they are expected to arrive, along with confirmation of deliveries, site photos, packing slips, and other real time information.

Sequenced Site Delivery

Retail fixtures or displays may need to be delivered to hundreds or thousands of retail locations during a short period of time. Beltmann Integrated Logistics has an experienced project management team that can help you plan and execute large and small store fixture rollouts with solutions that address every element required for timely, cost-effective execution.

Case Studies



Beltmann Integrated Logistics successfully completed a store fixture rollout project for 558 Barnes & Noble stores over a 15-day period from start to finish. From receiving the product, to working with local agents, to handling the installation of higher end, more complex wood and glass fixtures, to removing the old fixtures, the entire project was executed in a smooth and efficient manner.

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