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Welcome to our comprehensive Beltmann Integrated Logistic’s Workplace Solutions vertical, where we seamlessly merge project management, transportation management, inventory management, furniture expertise, sustainability initiatives and innovative technology to ensure exceptional operational transitions for your workspace.

In essence, our Workplace Solutions vertical is a holistic approach to transition management. We transform the often daunting process of changing workspaces into a seamless, efficient and even exciting endeavor. With our Team of experts, commitment to sustainability and integration with technology driven solutions, we ensure that your workspace transition is not just a change, but a strategic advancement towards a better working environment.

Project Management

At the heart of our offering is our expert project management team, quipped with the skills and experience to orchestrate complex workplace transitions with precision. They collaborate closely with an organization to understand unique requirements, timelines and goals, crafting customized transition plans that optimize every aspect of the moving process.

Transportation Management

Our Transportation Management services streamline the movement of assets, equipment and furniture from one location to another. Whether it is local or long-distance, our logistics experts ensure timely delivery and secure handling, minimizing disruptions to your overall workflows.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is the backbone of a successful transition, and our TotalTrak™ technology provides real-time visibility into your project and assets. This empowers the project team to track and manage inventory, timelines and risks efficiently while making informed decisions about what is being moved, stored or repurposed within a project.

Commercial Moving & Installation

When it comes to commercial moving and installation, our dedicated teams are trained to handle the most intricate tasks. From disassembly and reassembly of furniture to meticulous placement within a new space, we measure seamless transition that preserves the functionality and aesthetic of your workspace. We manage and perform these tasks while being aware of all the confidentiality risks that are present in a move and mitigate these risks by proactively planning the details with this intent in mind. Between our team at BRG Office Movers located in 15 cities nationwide and our partnership with OMA, we've got your workplace solutions covered.

Furniture Expertise

Furniture expertise is a key component to our Workplace Solutions vertical. Our specialists guide you in selecting the right furniture for your space, balancing aesthetics, ergonomics and functionality while keeping sustainability in the conversation based on culture of the organization. This ensures the workspace not only looks appealing but also supports the productivity and well-being of your Team.

Technology Integrations

Technology integrations is where innovation meets executions. Our TotalTrak™ solutions offer real-time updates on the progress of your transition, enhancing transparency and communication. We leverage the latest IoT technology to facilitate asset tracking, space utilization analysis and more enabling data-driven decision-making.

Core Components of our
Corporate Office Workspace Services

Core Components of our Corporate Office Workspace Services


Project Management

Beltmann assigns an experienced, in-house project manager to successfully coordinate all phases of any national or local move and office relocation project. Starting with the initial planning, our workplace movers provide expertise through project completion. Our on-site project management team consists of experienced professionals who understand that it takes to successfully complete a commercial move.


Transportation Management

Successful commercial and office relocation requires competence, attention to detail, and a good appreciation of what it takes to successfully transport all kinds of workplace equipment. Specialized deliveries for contractors, vendors and owner installed equipment are provided, along with general freight, padded vans, and high-value product care. We provide constant communication and our work order management solutions are tailored for each client.


Inventory Management

Beltmann utilizes an effective combination of asset and non-asset based facilities and specialized transportation equipment. This allows our team to securely and efficiently manage the inbound receiving, inventory, and material inspection process during any commercial move. As part of our office relocation services, Beltmann Integrated Logistics provides inventory management through a variety of measures to include Purchase Order (PO) on-line access.


Sequenced Site Delivery

In order to ensure your office relocation is completed with the highest degree of efficiency, Beltmann's experienced professionals will facilitate the timely delivery of all office and workplace equipment, either directly to your new location or to a local warehouse. Our goal is to be as efficient as possible with every office moving solution we provide.


Technology & Centralized Reporting

TotalTrak™ is our proprietary, cutting edge technology that includes office relocation management and centralized reporting that ensures the entire commercial move process is transparent and trackable for every client throughout a password protected portal that is secure and easy to use.

Moving Box

Installation Services

Beltmann’s strategic international network of installation capabilities is well versed in complex furniture assembly- installation as well as customized carpentry work in various verticals. We work in conjunction with GCs on construction scheduling or with property owners/facilities to ensure we are hitting the milestones of work readiness in the new space.


Technology Support

Beltmann’s technology support includes asset recovery to ensure we are assisting in managing confidential data. Planning the process of transitioning IT assets with disconnect, moving, reconnect or disposition, Beltmann’s Team is a highly qualified Team to integrate into the IT transition process.

Beltmann Integrated Logistics is a full-service provider of each facet of a transition, with all our Workplace Solutions connected and integrated for client success.

Why Should You Choose Beltmann Relocation?

  • Geography and Capability Footprint
    • BRG Office Movers
    • OMA Partnership
  • Holistic Seamless Approach
  • Speed to Market
  • Depth of Quality Installation Technicians
  • Transportation Management
  • TotalTrak™ Technology that drives accountability through transparency
  • Sustainability Tracking – Reporting
  • Diversity Partnerships
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